Restore your hair's health and wellness

  • Promote healthy hair growth

  • Stop & prevent Hair Loss

  • thicken thinning hair

  • repair weak and broken hair shaft

  • heal & treat Scalp conditions

  • Repair  damaged hair follicles

  • regenerate hair growth

  • Stimulate Blood flow to nerves to promote  hair growth

  • heal follicles so hair loss doesn't becomes permanent

  • All Natural Hair restoration

  •  Enhances manageability and shine

  • Heat-activated protectants guard against thermal styling

  • Delivers proteins and nutrients into the hair shaft 

  • Time-released conditioners provide unsurpassed moisture and humidity resistance

  • Color fade resistant

  • Brilliant lasting shine





Our name For Color Girls represents diversity as it relates to people of every race, creed, color, gender and ethnicity. Our products are for people of every color and every hair texture.

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Kids Slay
For Color Girls Signature Collection
Perfect for a Princess
Lights Camera Action!
Color Me Bad!
Hair Care Of The Culture
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B47E4AA7-64BC-41E2-8A03-4D5940C5D554 2
Not Here To Play No Hair Games!
Like Mother Like Daughter
Break The Mold!
Straigten It Out
Flat Hair Where?
Sleek & Smooth
It's All In The Wash
All in the family
Fade Resistant
Create Art With Your Edges
Fierce Control
Perfect Tease!
Truth Serum, Wet
Hair Bath, Give Me Body, Hot Flash, Can't Weight
Hair Bath, Give Me Body, Truth Serum, Edge Control
Fixx-a-Flat, Hot Flash, Can't Weight, Wet

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