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Q).        Will FCG grow my hair?

A).        Yes, FCG is a vegan product that contains no animal products, no Sulfates or Parabens. Organic Fruit Extracts promotes hair growth and healing of unhealthy scalp conditions that hinder hair growth. 

Q).          Does FCG stop breakage?
A).          FCG will stop breakage and restore hair health. FCG is Vegan and contains Wheat Proteins that strengthen hair while organic fruit extracts impart natural oils for moisture balance and shine. Use FCG in conjunction with the proper styling tools and utensils and watch as your hair is restored to its full beautiful glory.
Q).         Will FCG thicken my hair?
A).          FCG will repair weak and fragile hair. Restoring hair's fullness and vibrancy, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker, lustrous hair. FCG will not thicken hair that is thin due to genetic makeup and certain medical conditions.
Q).        Can men use FCG?
A).         FCG does NOT contain estrogen or hormones making it safe for men to use. FCG  is excellent for men's hair health. Stop breakage (even breakage in beards), replenish moisture and shine, making hair soft and manageable. Eliminating dry, flaky, itchy scalp. Men love FCG.
Q).       Is FCG safe for color-treated hair?
A).        Yes, FCG is exceptional on color-treated hair. Our StrandGuard Complex® protects hair from degradation due to elemental factors, strengthening the shaft and preventing color fade. HeatWave Technology® protects color-treated hair against heat damage giving it an extra shield of protection during the thermal styling process.
Q).     Is FCG safe on wig units, hair transplants, toupees, and other hair enhancements?
A).      Yes, FCG is safe on hair enhancements that are 100% human hair. Nourish, detangle, and strengthen, with a natural, non-oily shine. Wig units, toupees, and hair extensions can last for years with proper care in conjunction with FCG products. Hair transplants clients have fantastic results as FCG uses Organic Extracts that promote healing and healthy hair growth.  

Q).    Whats' the difference between You Grow Girl and Hair Sauce?

A).      You Grow Girl Scalp Treatment is a hair loss restorative. For hair loss due to scalp conditions and follicle trauma e.g. alopecia, psoriasis, scalp sores, tension sores (from braids, locs, twists, hair glue, wig glue, and other tight tension styles) hair loss due to medications and other medically induced hair loss conditions. You Grow Girl Scalp treatment does NOT treat the hair cuticle and is not used for styling.
Hair Sauce Growth Oil induces healthy hair growth by imparting antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins into the follicles and shaft while smoothing and protecting the cuticle. Used also during the styling process. Amazing moisture and shine. Hair Sauce does NOT heal or treat conditions of the scalp.
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